DMX Net Worth

DMX Net WorthDMX Net Worth: – $10 Million

Born: December 18, 1970

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 185 lbs

Nationality: American

DMX is an American rapper and actor who has an estimated net worth of -$10 million (you read that correctly). His real name is Earl Simmons and was born in Mount Vernon, NY on December 18, 1970. He grew up in the New York area his whole childhood, mainly in the Yonkers area of New York. He burst onto the rap/hip hop scene in the 90’s and much of that was due to his biggest hit possibly of his career which was due to his 1999 album “…And Then There Was X”, the biggest song off that album was “Part Up (Up In Here)”. This wasn’t his debut album though as that came a year earlier with the album “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot”, which sold over 5 million copies. He’s released 7 studio albums since that debut but has not come out with any new music since 2012. Despite falling on hard times in recent years he’s had a successful hip hop career which has seen him sell over 30 million albums worldwide.

In the early 2000’s DMX started getting into acting and has been in 8 movies, mostly supporting roles but some starring roles as well. He also released an autobiography in 2002, which was titled “E.A.R.L: The Autobiography of DMX”. Around 2008 he started having financial troubles and in July, 2013 he filed for bankruptcy in Manhattan. We learned from his court documents that he had roughly $50,000 in personal assets but had accumulated $1 million to $10 million to different creditors that he could not repay. A large portion of his debt was due to child support which was estimated to be $1.24 million.

His financial troubles have compounded on themselves according to DMX’s attorney who says that he has been unable to obtain a passport due to his debts which has kept him from traveling overseas to tour and do promos where he has a very active fan base. He was recently arrested for impersonating a police officer at an airport but charges are still pending.